Saturday, March 10, 2007

re TNR: perhaps th' Penquin was correct

Admiral Beaufort
National Maritime Museum(UK)

from The New Republic's odd new owner by Eric Boehlert:

CanWest promises to redesign the magazine, introduce more illustrations, and try to make TNR look like a real consumer magazine. (TNR is the only stand-alone magazine amidst the multibillion-dollar media behemoth that's brimming with more than 100 Canadian newspapers and dozens of television and radio properties worldwide.) That's the good news. The bad news for TNR staffers is that CanWest's recent history is littered with lawsuits, gag orders, and byline strikes, buffered by a steady stream of columnists, reporters, and editors who complain CanWest actively censors its employees who stray from the company's conservative, pro-war, pro-Israel blueprint...

[see previous (hasty) post and comments.-JV]

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