Sunday, February 25, 2007

in net time

I didn't watch the Oscars this year-- actually I stopped watching them some time ago, having come to the conclusion that even the question of whether they seem less relevant to me now because

A. I'm older and less enamored of the conventional Hollywood worldview, or

B. they ARE in fact less relevant and most movies are increasingly less interesting

itself no longer seems interesting or relevant.

Nevertheless: I was glad to hear that Scorcese finally won, that the still apparently spry Ennio Morricone* was given a lifetime achievement thingie, and that the Al Gore documentary won. I actually found out about Gore from th' Mahablog, who posted a Crooks n Liars videocast of the speech just before midnight(!)

Makes me want to figure out how to post a sound clip of the famous whistle from Fistful of Dollars, hopefully without getting in trouble, although I do see more trouble brewing viz. the copyright heavies and all this ease of communicating.

*He also has a Myspace page-- how bout dat?