Monday, February 12, 2007

North Korea:good; Iran: bad; Americans:dumber than a can of paint if they fall for this again

CNN: US to deal with North Korea

11111montage, or, don't get fooled again

the (haphazard)curvature of the lettering doesn't seem to match up with the convex shape of the bomb. maybe the lettering was added to the photo rather than the object photographed; red dots added by me as sight-lines, for emphasis. Enlarge the original and judge for yourself.

there's more, of course: shouldn't the bomb have Arabic script(the alphabet of Farsi) if it's from Iran, as Iranian weaponry genrerally is labeled in Farsi? It's a little like a scene from an old movie in which the American leaves the room and the suspicious foreigners keep speaking to each other in heavily-accented English, for our benefit. The fine folks at The Agonist discuss this, and a few other points(via Avedon). And as Juan Cole has pointed out, it's sunni insurgents who tend to target US troops, not shi'a. I think it's a semi-pathological clue to how brazenly undemocratic these people are that they're pushing this on Lincoln's birthday.