Sunday, January 21, 2007

An update: regarding Iraqdoc 2007


I'm going to keep this post up as the most recent for a few days.

First: my thanks to all who've directly and indirectly supported my proposed documentary project, Iraqdoc 2007 thus far: Arvin Hill, Avedon Carol of The Sideshow, Jonathan Schwarz of Tiny Revolution, Dunneiv, Bill Apocalypse(as I like to call him), Harry McDougal, Bubba (and the rest in the Belly of the Beast-- as they like to call Houston!) and the mysterious Skimble . Who else? Jeanne of Body n' Soul(please come back!), Julie back at the ranch, Oyster, and cosmopolitician Frans Groenendijk.

Secondly: yes, I still mean to go to Iraq, and yes, I'm still in need of funding. Originally I said that I meant to go this summer and stay for approximately three months. I've revised my plans a bit, and now I am targeting Monday, October 1st as my departure date and will only stay 6 to 8 weeks, coming back in late November or early December. Part of this is because it's pretty clear to me that I won't exactly be flush with cash on my trip, hence the abbreviated schedule, and part of it is practical, because of how unbearably hot it can be in the summer in many parts of Iraq.(ok, most parts.)

More soon. I may also be starting a secondary, group blog, one designed for a finite run, from February 1st through the end of September.