Friday, February 23, 2007

She blinded me with science

Frances Allen just won the Turing Prize for computer science for her work on code cracking and weather forcasting when she was with IBM(She has since retired). Jessica Lange, who once played 30s icon Frances Farmer is set to star in the movie about her life. Allen insisted on inventing a time machine so that the producers could go back several years and hire Lange when she was much younger, as well as a substantially less-expensive 1970s cast and crew. "The 200 million we pay Dr Allen will more than pay for itself in savings in overhead when we perfect this labor-saving technology." When asked to comment Allen said, "screw sexism and ageism, I want my movie to make money. Besides, I'm still pissed about the cancellation of the supercollider."

In a special promotional contest, Mary Hart will interview Ms. Lange in 1977 and 2007, and viewers will be encouraged to guess which interview is which.