Saturday, March 03, 2007

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BBC image Liechtenstein

The Swiss accidentally invade Liechtenstein:
The traditionally neutral Swiss army has staged an unplanned invasion after troops blundered into Liechtenstein. A 171-strong Swiss company got two kilometres into its neighbour before realising the mistake and heading back. Liechtenstein authorities made light of the intrusion, saying they only knew about it when the Swiss told them. In 1985, the Swiss had to pay Liechtenstein compensation when rockets fired by its army went astray and set a forest ablaze. The latest incident began on Wednesday night during a routine training exercise for the infantrymen in the Alpine forests close to an unmarked section of the border. The company commander led his men in the wrong direction in bad weather but gave the immediate order to return when realising the error.
Washington Post-ABC News poll: Majority in Poll Favor Deadline For Iraq Pullout

Natasha, at Pacific views:

[McCain]stands as usual with Sen. Joe Lieberman's in supporting the export of more U.S. troops into the ongoing bloodbath in Iraq, and against the majority view of the American public. Is there anything interesting about his candidacy besides the media's inexplicable fascination with his every move and his ongoing willingness to sell out every 'maverick' position he's ever held in an attempt to gain political power?