Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday middle eastern pop star blogging: Hilal

Hilal Cebeci, yet another Turkish pop singer-- this image is here via her fan club/official site:
"Hilal Cebecive"

Ok, I couldn't stay away. Somewhat ironically, just yesterday I ran into a very lovely lady who looks a little like Hilal, someone whom I hadn't seen in a while and I thought I'd never see again.

I've been meaning to post an image of Ms. Hilal for some time, but had difficulty finding one that struck me as not too risque´, as I felt ill at ease with some of the photos that she's posed for. Friday middle eastern pop star blogging is not simply about cheesecake appreciation sans irony-- I have a purpose, some might even call it a slyly ideological purpose, for FMEPS blogging. What, you may ask? That would be telling.

Ms. Hilal's website opens up with a soundfile, as do many of the official sites of sundry middle eastern pop stars. HZ, of course, does not, but does have a theme song:

Peter, Paul and Mary's, "I dig rock and roll music"(for years I thought it was a song by the Mamas and the Papas, because of the mention.)