Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Money 4 Iraqdoc 2007, etc

You may have noticed the paypal link is down-- not that it was generating buckets o' dough. I will, however, have paypal up again shortly. In the meantime, if you are curious about the proposed project, I suggest you see my August 1st 2005 post. Additional biographical stuff can be seen at my 7 Aug and 7 Oct posts. If you were looking for a specific image and google's image search took you to my home page, I'd recommend you use the same words you use with a search like so:

"thing I want to see site:hugozoom.blogspot.com"

that's called a site-specific search: wherein you type the word(s) describing what you are looking for, then a space, then the word "site", a colon, then the URL you wish to search. Just use regular google. I haven't tried it with yahoo or A9 or any of the other big search engines, but you can try, right? for example:

"giant robots run amuck site: bbc.co.uk"

doesn't yield a single hit, which I must admit I find disappointing, as I imagine a bbc article on the subject would probably be ever so droll. Maybe I'm spelling amuck wrong.