Monday, October 17, 2005

IraqDoc 2007: 48 days later

Last week my friend Don Bintz wrote to me:

My thinking regarding your starting to collect funds for Iraqdoc is that you should just go ahead. What you plan to do is an important project. It's not like you're trying to get money to shoot a comedy. When you get to Iraq, you'll be recording the aftermath of the life-and-death struggle going on now (or the struggling might still be going on). That's not light entertainment. I think the seriousness of the subject matter makes it appropriate for you to solicit funds in the shadow of the Kashmir and Guatemala events. Anyway, my two cents.

Ok. It's true, I've been dragging my feet in starting to ask for funding for the documentary project because of recent catastrophic events and my subsequent feeling that shilling for dough was unseemly. First Katrina, then Houston, then Kashmir and Guatemala, to say nothing of tragedies elsewhere.

So: I set up an Amazon honor system account. More details on how they work can be found at Amazon, here.

Please don't buy me stuff off my wishlist as that's there just to remind me of books and movies I'm interested in eventually reading/seeing, etc. Have I ever linked to it? No, and I'm not going to. And I'm going to wait to buy Euro/Middle East spec video equipment when I go to Europe next summer, if I get the summer 2006 job I'm angling for. (Still too soon to say if it will come together, as you might imagine.)

Correction, @ 9:00am: I thought I had my Amazon honor system account set up correctly. Maybe they need some lead time before they allow the icon to appear on your site. I will investigate.