Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tantalized, or reception theory is your friend

its-my-fucking-body-from-feministing-dot-com BBC-mysterious girl
1.courtesy feministing 2.courtesy BBC/AFP

I almost hate to quote Haroon Moghul because what if you click on the link and never come back? I can't have that. He's quite an interesting fellow, and he might even be smarter than me, which used to bother me in the days when I was young and foolish. Now that I'm older and foolish, I recognize that when I encounter truly smart people it is not necessarily a threat to my ontology, er, my being.

Anyway: the picture on the right is from Haroon's post "the desi colonization of the west, or 'Islam's getting in the way of my website.'" Possibly you will find it entertaining. I did. The one on the left is from feministing. I found it when doing a search looking for something else altogether. I hope the feministers won't be sore at me for nabbing it.

What do these 2 images have in common? Well, here's the comment I left at Haroon's:

If the garb actually makes you want to see her face even more, would this upset
1.Islamic fundamentalists more,
2.Christian fundamentalists who want to feel superior to Islam more, or
3.some other possibility that hasn't occured to me? What's behind door(s) number 3?

see also, the story of Tantalus, from Pantheon.org.

and remember: if I start puttin' on airs and gettin' all fancy, you can always look it up in Wikipedia, or start your own blog...

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