Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday middle east pop star blogging, yet again...

farah al-baraqawi
courtesy al-jazeera, via Abu aardvark

The above image, as I you may know, is of al-Jazeera economics anchor Farah al-Baraqawi. I've heard that George W. Bush and puppetmaster Dick Cheney are suspicious of al-Jazeera, and feel that they promote terrorism. You can tell, just by looking at that haughty, rebellious look in Ms. al-Barqawi's eyes, that she probably belongs on a watch list and should be denied entry to the US if she wanted to attend a conference at Sachs Goldman or Citigroup in Manhattan, and if it were further inside the heartland, say in Kansas City or Chicago, then mothers with young 'uns would surely cover their children's eyes and hurry them inside if they saw her brazenly walking down a public street. Well, the good ones would.

demet akalin-1
courtesy Haber vitrini
On the other hand, there's Turkish pop singer Demet Akalin. Besides, when I was a kid I always hated it when I was told I couldn't look. How about you?

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