Friday, November 18, 2005

a dispatch from France

Veronique X writes:

"Don't worry, this is no civil war, as usual journalism coverage is f**** around and then, it is not like LA 92, it is not a racial thing, and not Arabs as I said, I was being sarcastic...
It is sort of a ghetto problem, people living on the social system, no matter their origin, many of them, most of them have no North-African whatsoever origin.. Lots of them just white trash.. living in social homes but driving Mercedes and BMWs that they can afford thanks to drug dealing and all.. but they can't stand being labeled as such...
Others living there are victims of this all, the dealers, ghettos, and the discrimination; they are the victims of when they write where they live on a resume.. They got tired and got mad; unfortunately, this madness has affected the average Joe, barely making it with social welfare, trying to work hard and feed his/her family. The average Joe got caught in it, they lost their cars (burned down), i.e. their livelihood, so how are they supposed to make it to work and feed their kids??
Others, like us are tired of their taxes going to support some foreigners who manage while living in France to get social security money sent to their polygamous household and many children abroad."

Then there is pure racism on both parts, extremism, religion problems, fanaticism and people just getting fed up with living in dangerous areas..."