Thursday, November 10, 2005

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I will deal with Tuesday's election tomorrow. Comments are acting up, or so it seems, so here are
my responses to Invidio Pomorov and Micah Holmquist:

Ok, in order:
1.Welcome back Invidio. I genuinely appreciate your telling me that you offer to behave. I don't mind telling you the duck was beginning to get kind of peeved at my sending her off to worry this person and that, and I was worried she was going to just hole up in her trailer and make me deal with that SOB agent of hers. And as far as the elixir goes... I don't know-- we'll talk.

2. Micah: my goodness- such a long, thought out response-- it's longer than some of my posts! You honor me.

When Dante went to the underworld, he didn't call himself Virgil, so I'm thinking you are right. If I call upon the titanic spirit of the great Victor Hugo as my Avatar, I can't call myself Hugo when I go to Iraq.

I try to communicate to the great middle: there are TONS of people out there who do care about politics and get turned off by the condescending song-and-dance of the pigf***kers who lead both parties.

I was profoundly depressed in the summer of 2004, after the death of my mother in April and of my Grandmother in March, and it started to sink in around June and set in for a while. But I remembered the curious mixture of pity and disgust I felt for all those idiot liberal bloggers peeing all over themselves at what an incredible convention they had, and what a supposedly great speech Kerry gave.

Kerry was effing worthless, and even if it was filled with thousands of people, he was still in a pathetic echo chamber of liars lying to one another. Well-meaning? Sure. But so what?

The manliness issue about Kerry WASN'T the attacks by the Swift Boat veterans and what the Swifties said-- it was about his quisling response. Look guys,

I've lived in Texas since 1974-- I'll tell you exactly what it was about:

Kerry's response: he gave a little sissy-boy speech
about how he wanted George, jr to denounce the attack ads.


"C'mon buddy, tell those meanies to stop picking on me."
a duck Kerry Saluting

And all those idiot bloggers who got invites to wussy-o-rama 2004 and agreed to not notice that the Emperor Had No Balls.....then they were FUCKING BEFUDDLED BY THE BOUNCELESSNESS OF THE CONVENTION???

But at least they finally got a chance to meet each other and kiss the air next to each other's cheeks. But at least he saluted. He didn't defend himself, couldn't be bothered, but at least he saluted. In front of a nice safe audience...


forgive me. I usually don't like to curse in my blog-- it's exceptionally ill-mannered-- but this has been bothering me for a long time.