Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the Texas election, 2005

Today was ballot referendum day in Texas. I voted against prop 2, which is a Texas constitutional thingie that says, "...marriage is between a broad and a goofy white guy." Ok, it doesn't say white, or broad, or even goofy, but you get the idea. The local paper said that they expected an 11-12 per cent turnout. Some of the other initiatives looked noxious in their own right, including a taxpayer funded fund to help the railroads modernize their tracks in Texas where they had to pay for it themselves in the past, and another lifting the 28 per cent maximum interest Texas banks can charge on consumer loans, supposedly so that Texas banks can compete more successfully with out-of-state banks.

(In the past I've always tried to stick with local banks, not because they were "competitive", but because I'd rather do business with a small local bank than a corporation, and I doubt I'm the only person who looks at things that way. )

I WISH I was making this stuff up.

When he were looking for my name on the rolls, I asked the election judge who was waiting on me if the 11-12 per cent number sounded right. He told me that just at that polling place alone, 500 people voted within the past hour, so he thought the nos. would be higher. I thought I saw one of the persons from the mysterious maritime convenience store, a 23 year old guy whom I've known since summer 2002. Who knows, maybe people are waking up, taking an interest in the process, and all it took was the most corrupt and inept group of politicos in over a generation. But I'm not holding my breath for Hillary or any of the other presumptive big name democrats to be knights in shining armor come 2008.

Sat, 19 Nov: revised slightly for clarity.