Wednesday, November 16, 2005

some Wednesday evening thoughts ...

1. My good friend Veronique X (No relation to Holly X of Youngstown, Ohio, I'm sure)...

...wrote to me from her place in the French hinterlands to tell me she's ok. I was concerned.
(I met her here, in Texas, many, many years ago...

VX: Hey!

sorry. I met her here in Texas a few years ago. She worked in IT in th' DFW area at one time, then went back home. VX sent me an extensive email about her thoughts on the conditions in France since the riots. If she's ok with it, I may post an abbreviated version of her message later, this week or next.

France: the riots spread 7 Nov

(map of rioting hot spots in France-- I believe this was as of 7 November 2005.)

2. I wonder if my Yahoo account has been hacked.

3. Happy birthday Maggie Gyllenhaal.

4. in the meantime, I need to attend to sundry 3 dimensional matters, and will probably post very little the rest of this month. Read my incomprable archives, and feel free to give me buckets of money.