Thursday, September 29, 2005

some versen photos

Mexico 1990


graceland tourist shop

Like Hoyt Axton I've never been to Spain, but I've been to Oklahoma. Tennessee too. In October of 2000 I drove up to visit my paternal grandmother in Connecticut, and on the way back I stopped in Memphis. When I left my grandmother's house 2 days earlier I think we both knew it would probably be the last we'd see each other. She died in March of 2004, and my mother died the next month. I'm glad I went to see her, and paradoxical as it may sound, the fact that I drove there and back makes it a more vivd and valued memory, as there was a sense of a fondly remembered adventure associated with seeing her for the last time.

When I was in Memphis I stopped at Graceland, although I didn't actually go in, as I was beginning to run out of money and didn't think the student ticket would've been a wise purchase.

It's about 7 hours from Memphis to Denton. I wanted to go see the National Civil Rights Museum too but it was clear on the other side of town and I was running out of time and needed to be at work the next day. I still want to make a road trip to Memphis someday, to see the Museum and actually see the inside of Graceland this time.