Thursday, September 22, 2005

blogger search: decidedly beta for now

Jonathan Versen:
self-portrait, 2002.

You may have noticed the blue bar above has some new features. One of them is the blog search, which you can also access directly without going to my blog(or anyone else's), by inputting

They may well improve it, but at this point it leaves a lot to be desired. I did an HZ only search for "Iraq" with the bar, and came up with 3 entries. I am an Iraqi-American blogger, and I started Hugo Zoom in January of 2003. Three entries? Come on now. While I haven't been super-prolific, I've posted over 450 times since 1/2003. I then tried a regular google-based in-site search and got 99 entries for "Iraq" at HZ, which is more like it. Do you know how to do a site-specific search? Enter the search terms, then a space, then "site:", then the URL you want to look within.

some examples: "Iraq"

"savage robots run amuck"

or(one of my favorite searches):
"fecklessness"(don't ask.)

and if you want to find out if somebody, anybody, is posting about something U R curious about,you can bypass the imperfect technorati(which insists that I haven't posted anything in five months) and, well, just punt with livejournal or blogspot or typepad.


"fradulent election" if you're curious what comes up