Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Frances Newton, the last entry.

Frances Newton was executed this evening in Huntsville. Previously I discussed her here, just below, and here, in 2004.

wikipedia notes that:

Huntsville is the headquarters of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (the only state agency with headquarters outside of Austin). As such, it houses the execution chamber of the state of Texas. (Death-row inmates are no longer housed in Huntsville, due to the escape of several death-row inmates from Huntsville's Ellis Unit prison, where male death-row inmates were housed from 1965 to 1999. Male death-row inmates are now housed in Texas' Polunsky Unit in Livingston, and female death-row inmates are housed in Texas' Mountain View Unit in Gatesville. Texas death-row inmates are only brought to Huntsville shortly before their scheduled execution.)
Huntsville was the home of Sam Houston, the first President of the Republic of Texas, and later Governor of the state. Located in town are two of Houston's homes, a museum, a 66 ft statue, the Sam Houston State University, and Houston's grave. The statue (which is the world's largest statue of an American hero) is the title and subject of a... song by Merle Haggard...

the per capita income for the city is $13,576. 23.9% of the population and 13.1% of families are below the poverty line.

Additionally, Color of Money.Org notes that:

in Huntsville's main zip code, 77320, in the 2004 election cycle, 6.6% of campaign contributions were made to democrats, 93.4% to republicans. They say 17.6% of householdswere at or below the poverty level and only 5.1% of Huntsville households had incomes over 100 grand. Finally, CNN notes that Bush carried Walker County by 66 per cent to Kerry's 34%.