Friday, September 16, 2005

the devil's dictionary revisited

I watched less than 15 minutes of CNN just now. Apparently Dubya gave a speech last night, and they were fawning over him. Instead of an instapoll,

they had 3 mississippians, 1 white male, 1 white lady, and a black feller. The white guy said (about George W):

"What's important is he showed he cares. I don't have all the answers, neither does he, but I know that if we work together we can accomplish a lot."

WTF??????????????............ I couldn't help thinking about how the NY Times thought it was "inappropriate" to run the story about whether or not Bush was wired for the 1st debate last year, what with an election looming and all. Especially since I could only see one side of bubba's face...I imagine he has another ear. Anything in there besides a cricket?

they cut back to the studio:

"you have quite a positive group there, Ericka."
"we sure do. Back to you, Chuck."

egalitarianism: n. if our leaders are just as clueless as the rest of us, it's ok because that way we know they care.