Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Middle Eastern pop star blogging, cont'd

Nawal al-Zoughbi, courtesy Arabic Celebrities.Com

people rarely send me blog-related email* to my publicly posted yahoo address, but this week I got 2 messages. One was from a guy called Syed who suggested Nawal al-Zoughbi(above) for Friday ME pop star blogging, so here she is. The second missive was from a "Norv", who wrote:

"because sometimes life is funny: you get a glimpse of how the pieces fit just for a little while. And you realize. Dear God: to protect the innocent sometimes you have to protect the guilty too! How can you do this, not just going through motions, and still do good?"

I don't know what to make of this. I'm guessing it's kind of related to my Wizard of Oz themed post from earlier this month, but who knows? For what it's worth, I sympathize with Norv's dilemma, as I imagine many do. The first thing I thought of was the "dollar-book Freud"(as Orson Welles would've called it) of David Mamet's House of Games, and the scene where Lindsay Crouse's mentor interprets a dream of one of Crouse's patients. Or maybe they're lyrics from a Tom Waits song(?) Actually, I like House of Games, although Mamet's syncopated dialogue drives me up the wall sometimes.

*Of course I get lots of email at my yahoo address from machines. Machines presumably run by people, people who want me to refinance my mortgage, help me become more manly by buying stuff, or get a me a really cheap Rohhhlex, whatever that is.