Wednesday, February 16, 2005

a wednesday evening miscellany

forgive me for not having posted much lately, but it's because I'm lazy. ok, I don't really think I'm lazy, but I recently came across this blog, duckdaotsu by one lisbeth west, which is interesting. according to her blogger profile, she writes an average of 72 posts per week, which makes me feel like I'm lazy. I work and go to school part-time, but this lady makes me think that I should also be taking an extra 6-9 hours a semester and working on a novel, and maybe studying Russian in my spare time. perhaps it's a question of implementing time-saving strategies, like not capitalizing.(I notice that lisbeth doesn't care for capitalizing that much. maybe that's her secret.) still, I can't bring myself to not capitalize proper names or "I"; it just doesn't feel natural.

did you know there's a group called Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice? they have an "Iraq
Occupation and Resistance Report" page of links
related to the war. via Micah Holmquist.

If you are unfamiliar with Micah, you might note that on his homepage it says

he is bothered by his own sarcasm, and that he usually means the opposite of what he says.

if you were that evil computer in that star trek episode where william shatner loses control of his ship, I suppose you might blow up if you thought about that too much. yes, I know, I should capitalize william shatner, but it doesn't feel natural.

Micah also has a unique approach to hyperlinking. I think he comes closest to saying how he really looks at things in this post.

are you familiar with Haroun Moghul? he has a very amusing post, here.

I haven't really had a chance to look at this site yet, what with being lazy and capitalizing stuff, but Copyright NewsWatch looks interesting.

leave lots of comments, or the psychoanalysts for peace and justice will get you.