Thursday, February 10, 2005

God loves George Bush and the Patriots

I rarely curse on my blog, because as most of you know I have a very delicate sensibility. Nevertheless, I just did a google news search ( for "bush poll" and while the first result was from the Guardian, which is o.k., the second result was from the powerline blog, and the third was from Newsmax...I'm sorry, but that is fucked up. Possibly they should appear as news sources in, but as far as I know that sub-URL is not active (yet). I'll just note that GWB's approval numbers are up, now that the supposedly liberal media has told us how well the Iraqi elections turned out.(see previous post)

According to CNN,(the 4th result):

In the January 7 survey, 42 percent of respondents said they approved of how Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, and 56 percent expressed dissatisfaction. But, last week Bush gained 8 percentage points in his approval rating, with 50 percent giving him a nod and 48 percent disapproving." Moreover, "On the question of whether sending U.S. troops to Iraq was a mistake, 52 percent said 'yes' and 47 percent said 'no' during the week of January 14. But last week, the numbers flipped [actually better than flipped] with 45 percent saying 'yes' and 55 percent saying 'no.

Finally, 57 percent of those just surveyed said it should be a high or top U.S. priority to support the growth of democratic governments. Forty-two percent said it should be a low priority or not one at all.

And so when his numbers went up when they caught Saddam (12/2003)he was doing a good job, but I guess he was doing a bad job a few weeks later when his numbers went down again. But there's no way that's gonna happen this time, right? I wonder how closely the 55 per cent who said that "sending troops was not a mistake"* correlates with the 57 per cent who want us to "support the growth of democratic governments" and how many of them

a. supported invading Iraq in 2003,
b. would support invading Iran,
c. would support, say, increasing our foreign aid budget(what?),
d. would change their minds if you showed them something shiny?

*note how even the question has to be scrubbed before supposedly liberal CNN can ask it; as opposed to "was invading and occupying Iraq a mistake?"

Red-state republican voters vote the way they do because New York and DC don't represent America to them, and they secretly feel assured that another attack would also be on NYC or DC,or maybe Chicago or LA, other "not-America" places.** They're comfortably delusional, laughing at those silly "experts" who tell them that we're creating the conditions for terrorists to recruit more followers by our agressions in the middle east. If al-qaeda or a similar organization figured this out and attacked a medium-sized suburban community in a southern or mountain state, the heartland would freak.

**Our most famous home-grown terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, understood this.


Apropo of this zencomix cartoon, I wrote:"I've come to the conclusion that at least half the channels on basic cable are basically nonstop infomercials for the military industrial complex. Who cares what your government is doing in your name, pal, watch some celebrity poker or some guys installing 500 watt speakers in their Mustang."


from the inimitable micah holmquist:
How God decides who wins the Super Bowl:
Kurt Warner was on MSNBC yesterday explaining that God looks at the quality of the people on each team and then decides who wins. I think He looks at who is betting on what team.

What I think is interesting is that the Patriots won 3 super bowls in four years, and they basically won ugly each time, whereas George W. Bush won the last two elections, and he...oh, never mind. I guess we live in an ugly age.