Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sundry Blogging Notes

I think it's interesting that HZ is listed on the first page of results of a dogpile search for french actress Isabelle Adjani.

Maybe I should contact my old correspondent NBB and see if he wants to do more movie reviews.

(If you'd like to see more of his reviews, leave me a note in the comments.)

Every once in a while I get someone referred to HZ by a search for something plus "boobs" thanks to the word being in my blog description phrase
just below the title(see above). The phrase comes from a Simpsons episode, although I suspect most of you are clever enough to either recognize this already or realize you can google the phrase, in which case you'd find this out for yourselves. Now regarding my "boobs" searchers: I imagine these people aren't searching for political commentary, so for them here's a bone, albeit a non-hardcore one:

Search For the Spiderpool

It's free(for now), is hosted on blogspot like me, and features cheesecake nudie photos from the 40s and 50s. I may add spiderpool to the "miscellany" part of my blogroll, which isn't finished, in case you were wondering. I've put up the blogs part, courtesy blogrolling, but I mean to expand the journalism entries a bit and
add a section of indy media, which is where I'm moving the invaluable Cursor.Org* to. My blogroll will be divided in sections, like this:

1.Mostly Lefties
2. Journalism
3. Indy Media
4. Other resources

As soon as I can figure out how to add the above titles to my template. The astrices, in case you were wondering, are for people and groups that link to me. It's not as meaningful a reward as getting some Lorna Doone cookies, but if you link to me and I'm aware of it I'll probably link to you and give you an asterix. I also got a nice little blog button for a lefty directory link courtesy Arvin Hill, who was kind enough to make one for me. I'm adding that, as well as a button linking me to dfw blogs. I'm nabbing a button for the latter from Dean Terry's alt7. I asked him if it was ok in an e-mail last week but haven't heard from him.

Finally, I note that the last time I checked my site meter stats, the combination of mozilla/firefox/netscape 7x accounted for 53 per cent of my visitor's browsers. My understanding is that overall web penetration for the firefox browser and its variants is closer to 7 per cent, so you readers seem to be ahead of the trend. I have the free version of site meter, and it only keeps in-depth stats on the last 100 hits at any one time, but I'm impressed and I'm not complaining. If you have a blog and don't have one of the popular free counters, you're depriving yourself of access to all sorts of neat demographic stuff. I know that with the paid version of sitemeter you can block public access to your stats if you'd like. I may add another counter, Nedstat,as that tells me more specifically where, geographically, I'm getting hits from, although sitemeter does have a handy chart of the breakdown of the last 100 hits according to time zone. (Incidentally, I note that takes you to a completely different outfit than, which is the one that provides an ongoing freecounter, as opposed to a mere 30 day free trial,as the one with the hyphen does.)