Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Lorna Doone Blogging:

As you may have noticed, a lot of liberal bloggers are awfully fond of posting pictures of their cats. Or at least somebody's cats. I just assume they're posting pictures of their own cats, although I suppose some non-cat owning liberal bloggers might be feeling left out and taking it upon themselves to post pictures of someone else's cats, thus avoiding the litterbox headaches and vet bills, etc. Just what is it about "cat blogging"? Is it supposed to give bloggers mysterious voodoo powers, therebye increasing their hits? Hey, I want mysterious voodoo powers, or at least more hits. Still, I don't have a cat myself, and I don't want to be a sell-out, posting a picture of somebody else's cat, like this:

so I think the ideal solution would be to periodically post pictures of Lorna Doone cookies, since,unlike a cat, I actually have some.

my (select few) regular readers already know about my fondness for Lorna Doone cookies(see here). Maybe I should also reveal Xymphora's real name, because I figure if anybody does a search for

"Xymphora's real name"

they would be directed to this post,and although some of them will be irritated and never come back, still others might explore my delightful archives and decide they want to read H. Zoom esq. and tell their friends, etc. Or I could have a contest, asking readers to guess what Larry's Xymphora's real name is, and the winners would get a free package of Lorna Doone cookies, or a GIF of some Lorna Doone cookies, in case too many readers guess correctly(my budget is modest). What do you think? If you're thinking, "yes, but now every sorry-ass liberal blogger with less than 10,000 hits, like yourself, will post 'xymphora real name' on their blog, and your post on the "subject" will be lost in the mix." A good point. To which I can only answer: I'm pretty sure I'm The First Liberal Blogger to engage in Lorna Doone Blogging, so beware my mysterious voodoo powers...

beware! beware!