Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Xymphora contest update

Holly of Youngstown,Ohio(or so she says) didn't go by the rules, e-mailing me at my yahoo address. Her entry is very amusing, although the others were quite amusing too.

from Holly's e-mail: "Xymphora has to be my husband Darrell. He's very intelligent and well-read, works in IT here in Youngstown, and is the most paranoid person I've ever known. He even password-protects his precious Mac from me. What kind of man won't let his wife use his computer? I know it's not because he's cheating on me. If he went out on a date on the sly and found out his new girlfriend subscribed to say, US New and World Report, he'd lecture her about what right-wing corporate drivel she was reading for a good half hour."

My initial thought was to declare Holly the winner, but instead it's a draw, as all the entries were great. Another round of Lorna Doone cookies for everybody, barkeep.

post revised, 9 Feb.