Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gannon/Guckert [II]

Why did they need this guy? Aren't there tons of two bit reporters all over red state america, real reporters(well, let's not get too philosophical here-- let's just say they've been to journalism school, or at least have radio-tv-film "telejournalism" degrees, and therefore meet the statutory definition), who'd gladly prostitute themselves(yes, yes, I know...) for a chance to ask Scott what's-his-name softball questions in hopes of getting an audition with Fox News? Could it be this white house doesn't even trust right-wing toady journalists? That's sad. And amusing.

...no, I take it back; it's beginning to look like another setup, like Hatfield and Fortunate Son in 1999 and Dan Rather in 2004. Perhaps it's a matter of time before Guckert admits he's some kind of crazy Kerry-loving-liberal, and then the pundit payola from last month will have been dry-cleaned.

links filched from Skippy's "Gannonization":

from Editor and Publisher,

and AmericaBlog: "a man called Jeff"