Sunday, February 13, 2005


If you haven't been following the story stories about fake reporter Jeff Gannon(who may also be a fake Jeff Gannon to boot), there's

1.this Salon story from last week(which is rather subdued about crowing about the fact that one of the lefty bloggers who was in the forefront of uncovering this was their own World o'Crap(here).) The Salon story also has links to the sundry sex sites associated with Mr. Guckert. (Salon is a subsrciption site, but you can get free access for 24 hrs if you watch an ad-- it's less than 30 seconds with my 56k connection, and it's a pretty decent article.)

2. Arvin Hill's "De-scandalizing Bush" and

3. the Reverend Myreru's "the Age of the Ten-Dollar Whore"
which Wolf Blitzer would probably enjoy reading.