Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Gathering Storm

I would like to introduce you all to the next axis of evil, the next and most grave threat to freedom and democracy. The name of this grave and gathering storm is Mr. Bebe the cat who as you can see is on the verge of developing a nuclear arsenal. I ask you can we as a free people allow this threat to continue to grow?

As you can see Mr. Bebe the cat has been trained to hate America, a religious fanatic whose only goal is the absolute annihilation of freedom, indeed, he hates freedom and he hates you, he will kill you if given half a chance. I say the time is now for all good freedom loving Americans to rise to the challenge, brothers and sisters of freedom you must unite in a single goal to protect our heritage of freedom from sea to shining sea, yea and verily so.

Look at this evil and vile creation of the devil and evil incarnate. This is the great anti-Christ already he has amassed aluminum tubes of destruction and he has eaten mice in the past so what makes you believe you are safe. The time is now, we cannot wait, and we must destroy this thing now while there is still hope for a peaceful future. Is it your desire to see a catnip cloud over a city near you?

I thank you, mah fellow Merricuns.