Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a is for apple

No, the first letter in the word for apple("tiffah") is not aleph, but I'm fond of visual aids--

Multilingual books.com offers a bunch of different Arabic titles, including Arabic On The Go!(preloaded on an iPod), an FSI course in Saudi Arabic, FSI Levantine Arabic, and quite a few
courses on Iraqi Arabic, including:
Basics of Iraqi Arabic CD-ROM:

The Basics of Iraqi Arabic offers a beginning crash course to teach English-speakers the Iraqi Arabic language, and covers basic words, expressions and sentences that anybody speaking English would need to know in order to get around in Iraq. Each Arabic word or sentence or expression is taught with a transliteration in English, the meaning written in English, an audio recording of it in Iraqi Arabic, and the written version of it in Iraqi Arabic. The CD-ROM is divided into 23 lessons include common words and phrases dealing with: Greetings, Courtesy Conversations, Words and Phrases, Interrogative Words, Conciliatory Sentences, Verbs, Transportation, Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, Days of the Week, Time Expressions, Colors Directions, Locations, Medical Phrases, Sanitation, Food, Telephone Conversation, Military and Security Terms, Security Check and Search Personal Belongings, House Search, Interrogation, and Commands. With this method the user achieves a quick introduction to speaking and understanding the language. The CD-ROM runs on the Windows operating system on any computer with a sound card and web browser; the MP3 files on the CD-ROM can also be downloaded into an MP3 player and used in that format.
(emphases mine.) I'm not suggesting that it's ghastly for this company to be selling their wares thusly, and I have no idea how good their products are, relative to the competition(quite a few companies offer Arabic self-instruction tapes), so I'm not evaluating them on that score either.

Nevertheless, it's quite a sign of the times.