Saturday, December 09, 2006

nixon n' elvis n' egil krogh

photo: US archives

"my gosh Elvis, those cufflinks are awesome!"
"thank you, mister president. thank you very much. hey, who's this guy?"

Actually, I don't think Elvis would've been rude to Egil Krogh, and probably would've introduced himself. And yes, his name is pronounced "eagle crow", and no, he's not a Native American. Krogh was on C-Span recently, so I thought I'd find out who he was.

Krogh, who was in fact the son of Norwegian immigrants, served in various positions in the Nixon administration, including FBI liason with the narcotics bureau, which is why he was meeting with Elvis, as Presley had told Nixon that he wanted to help the president combat illegal drug use. Krogh wrote a book about it in the 90s, The Day Elvis Met Nixon. But in the 70s he was one of the persons who ended up going to jail over the Watergate break in, and is also remembered as the guy who hired G. Gordon Liddy.