Friday, December 08, 2006

the Iraq study group report

Many people are chattering endlessly about the little Iraq study group booklet(it's a 160 pages, but a good 45 or so of those are just extended biographical sketches of the group members, kind of like those interminable acceptance speeches which even mention the acting coach and the catering outfit...).

Anyway, not to be left out, here are a couple of things I saw that struck me:

1.from the Economist's op-ed:"Do what we say or we go (but we're going anyway)"

2.Chris Floyd, in Empire Burlesque:

And U.S. troops will remain in Iraq, indefinitely, at some level, because the American elite think they can make hay of the situation one way or another. The war is all about -- is only about -- what the American elite feel is in their own best interest, how it aggrandizes their fortunes, flatters their prejudices, serves their needs. That's it. The rest is just bullshit and murder.

photos via, Indy Media.