Monday, December 18, 2006

hey, no squinting


BBC:Danish bikini speedbandits(?!)

Seeing the light
(Salon, Dec 2001):
A former Christian fundamentalist recalls a life of ferocious, intractable faith -- and the moments it began to crumble.
By Carolyn S. Briggs

Dec. 21, 2001 | This morning I drive to work thinking about the lipstick on my front tooth that I can't fix until I exit the freeway, my college freshmen students who will not be prepared for class and firemen, my new heroes. I turn on NPR. An interview.
I saw the hand of God in everything, and I mean everything. Parking spots at a crowded mall were a gift of God. My daughter's earaches were a test from God. The Del Monte vegetables on sale at the market were a sign of God's provision. I called myself his handmaiden and I began each entry in my prayer journal with a plea to be "used by God." What rich pleasure it was to know the Creator of the Universe was inhabiting me, using me as his mouthpiece. I asked God to speak through me and then I believed each word that left my mouth was his word.
Micah Holmquist, "Here's how to fix Iraq"

Many new things at Arvin Hill:
A cold wind blows,
Bush deliberates,
Fightin' words(Jay Taber)