Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday miss something-something pageant winner blogging: Dania Prince

This is the lovely and decimally symetrical Dania Prince, otherwise known as Miss Metric System of 2003. (Note the M in her sash, proving she was the most metric that year.) That's definitely her name, and it was a 2003 contest. The rest of my assertions...I don't know-- they strike me as sufficiently compelling, and close enough for government work.

Incidentally, I'm moving Friday middle eastern pop star blogging to Saturdays, and from now on I will endeavor to post politically pertinent and sober stuff M-Th, and sundry bits of ephemera that amuse me Fri-Sat-Sun. Tell me: would you prefer:

more ephemera,
less ephemera,
about the same amount of ephemera,
more sober long-faced(and often pedantic!) analyses of incedibly important stuff,
less sober long-faced blah blah blah...etc.(???),
posts about specific events,
posts about general trends,
exactly 10 posts a week?

As a bonus, if you leave your answer in the form of a haiku, I'll post a picture of a fancy bottle of something nice just for you. I realize this may strike you as somewhat chintzy, mainly because it is. But: a. my budget is modest, and b. for all I know you might be 12 years old, and ex-president Clinton would object to my buying you a Pepsi, let alone a bottle of Chivas.