Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spinnin' Saddam

this screenshot, edited slightly to make it fit blogger's format(not for content, just for the space between items) is of a Google News search for "shiite crackdown", from around 11am central time. (you might be able to double-click to see it in a larger version, depending on your browser settings.) The Forbes and Wash. Post stories appear to actually be the same one, the different headline notwithstanding. This isn't anything unusual of course, because editors make choices like that on how to run an AP story all the time. What's a little more interesting is that the CNN and Jamaica Observer stories; again from the same AP item(a different one from the 1st pair) whose headlines more substantially contradict each other. Incidentally, when I actually went to the CNN story, the headline read "Hussein trial tape talks about destroying farms."

for a non-ap pov, here's al-jazeera's take:
"Tariq Aziz takes stand for Saddam"