Thursday, May 18, 2006

Arts n' Science

for all of you who've complained that I have far too many images of pop singers and too few of physicists, here's Min Liu. I think he teaches at Houston. If I had a photo of him in his lab I'd call it "Min Liu in his millieu", but I don't.

the "Bride of Acheron" as she likes to call herself, keeps sending me links to her material. It's not really my cup of tea, but if you like thepoetryman, Ayn Clouter and Mad Kane, you might enjoy her posts.

Speaking of thepoetryman, I told him that I felt that there was probably a secret political haiku blogging club somewhere deep in the bowels of the internet, and encouraged him to let me know if he knew anything. I'll bet they invited him but didn't say anything to me...

so here's my feeble attempt at a haiku, or more properly, a Senryu:

Murderous Zombies
Like to go shopping at night
For WalMart bargains.

Stanley Kunitz, I am not.

Arvin is now blogging on Thursdays at the American Street, as well as on other days at his regular url.