Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Barbara O’Brien discusses two recent commencement speeches, and the right-wing take on them:
So, to re-cap the rules: (1) When a pro-war politician gives a pro-war speech as part of a graduation ceremony, and students in the audience heckle and boo him, that shows how Deranged the Angry Left is - because they heckled a pro-war speech. (2) When an anti-war politician gives an anti-war speech as part of a graduation ceremony, and students in the audience heckle, walk out and even riot, that also shows how Angry the Left is - because they “provoked a near riot” by pro-war students.

Mark Kleiman discusses Tom Kean’s commencement speech at Skidmore:

Former NJ Gov. Tom Kean is reported to have told the Skidmore College commencement:"Plato said, 'The penalty for not participating in government is to be governed by your inferiors.' Think about it. It may be happening."

some older news from Qadeeb al-Ban at Mere Islam, who hasn’t posted in a while.
"in a gesture of love"

Zeynep, at Under the Same Sun:

Welcome to the Club, Iran

Iran has decided to adopt the techniques of the rich and powerul:

"I officially announce that Iran has joined countries with nuclear technology," Ahmadinejad said today.[11April-JV] But more importantly, he might have said, Iran will now join the West in using an even more important technology: modern public relations. They, too, will use the ubiquitous, orwellian writing behind the leader.

1. Now, I think it would've been helpful if Kean had been this prickly when he was a bigshot on the 9-11 comission, as opposed to years later. He could have objected when George Junior insisted that his testimony not take place under oath and in the same place (and with cameras rolling) like everybody else's, but instead in a private session in the white house with Cheney present to coach him. But hey, that's the past.

2. do you like the doves? I think they're a nice touch.