Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's time for me to make some unfounded observations about yet another movie I haven't seen...

I saw an ad on teevee for The Omen recently-- I wasn't really paying attention-- either it's a made-for-tv remake or a big-screen one. I just know it's coming out on "06-06-06" which is really handy if you've had a head injury and are having a hard time distinguishing between the European and American conventions on abbreviating the date. I think they should make a movie in which Tom Hanks saves civilization from Omen-boy by bonking him on the head with the Mona Lisa, only the canvas rips, then with Michaelangelo's David, which finally knocks him out. I don't know what to call it, but I think it would make A LOT OF MONEY. And the reporters on Foxnews, not having anything better to do, would scour far and wide to find a no-good liberal professor who denounces it for romanticizing child-abuse, or makes some comments which when taken out of context might suggest he said that, so they can make fun of him. They could talk about how P.C. and out-of-touch with reality he is, what with not understanding that evil is real, its true nature, etc.

By the way, did you catch any of FoxNews' coverage of Da Vinci movie? It was creepy, how they were going through the motions of their usual schtick of inviting religious types on to denounce a cultural happening, and instead of egging them on as they usually do, they downplayed their criticisms. It was as if, with corporate cover, they were trying to earn points for their reasonableness so their stupider* viewers buy their usuual flame-throwing as having some gravitas. Well that, and they didn't want to f*** with Sony. Now if only Walmart came out in favor of immigration amnesty, or we suddenly heard about how GE landed a big contract to cool the reactors in Iran, maybe we could avoid a race war and make the middle east a little safer.

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*yeah, I know...