Thursday, July 14, 2005

DSL, etc.

I've decided to try DSL,and see if I can be more productive as a consequence.

Signed up with the local phone company, Verizon. Unfortunately, it seems they decided to sign me up for "paperless billing" even though I specifically refused it on their (difficult to navigate) web site.

I did check my online statement: they still hadn't credited my live payment from last Thursday, 7 days ago. I don't think I like this brave new world of phoney-baloney convenience. If Internet America's "COVAD" DSL service was available in Denton I'd go for it. (It's also 29.95, and when I had Internet America dial up and called about my service I always got to talk to a human being right away, and they cancelled my service the same day I asked them to.)

The "kit" for the DSL arrived this afternoon. The UPS guy called me from the parking lot, asking for the apartment no., which I told him. a minute later I saw him, a little guy drenched in sweat. I asked him if he wanted a TaB, and he said he'd love one, so I gave him one. He told me he was surprised they still made them, and I told him they made them just for me.(It's true you know.)