Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the return of truly lazy blogging...

Since this is the last day of the first five months of the year, I think it's time to make some June 1st resolutions:
1. I will post more pictures of cars, especially old cars that you won't see on basic cable(i.e. not muscle cars. I have nothing against old pony cars per se, but I want my blog to be something different.)

2. I will post more serious stuff.

3. I will post more mirthful stuff. Well, based on my interpretation of mirth. Yours may differ, as is your wont. But I like mirth, see? If you don't like my notion of mirth, you're more than welcome to start a more mirthful blog. You can even tell me about it in the comments, if you're nice about it. As far as I know http://themostmirthfulblogimagineable.blogspot.com/ is not taken.
(I don't know about typepad.)
4. Now that I have the no. 1 and no. 2 search entries for Lorna Doone Blogging, I will move on to new vistas, hitherto unexplored...

perhaps lamp blogging?

or Fiat blogging?

(fiat-500 w girl in polkadot dress from fiat500club.nl)

I tried to encourage Don of the Fiat Blog! to do this, but to no avail.

the return of truly lazy blogging:
some posts new and not so new:
from the Big Picture: dead centagenerians(Strom Thurmond and Lord Shawcross) summer 2003.

the party of big government, by Norman Singleton at the Lew Rockwell blog,summer 2004:

Digby on populism (referencing Orcinus's Dave Niewert,"healing the heartland" which is also worth noting:

from Law.com, "scientology and the IRS"

"DEBUNKED: Clinton's Haircut at LAX Delayed Flights"

"Chrysler Airflow spotted near Pohenegamook, Quebec; this, too was a revolutionary car, but was never accepted by consumers"
from canadiandriver.com

from Jonathan Schwarz's archives(12.2004):
"Heart of Darkness": Prescient Masterpiece of World Literature, Or Airy-Fairy Egghead Nonsense Like All Books Everywhere?"

I'm watching CBS's "48 hrs reality mystery" as I post this. I hate the way the networks do these true crime things, squeezing every bit of emotional pornography out of the stories of people who've had loved ones murdered. But I am watching, and ask myself if it's partly because of hostess Maureen Maher, and how fetching she is.