Saturday, April 23, 2005

"When the world goes flat you get your humiliation delivered to you fiber-optically"


as minds far more eloquent than mine have said before, "What the Fuck?"

the title above is what Tom Friedman just said to Susan Lisovicz on CNN a few minutes ago.
He also said "these baathists, Jihadists, whatever, they want to fight us over there..."

Baathists, Jihadists, whatever????

Does he honestly think the difference is irrelevant? More likely he thinks the CNN audience is too stupid to know the difference, or that they'll suddenly and dutifully stop thinking there's a difference once he suggests this on teevee, since they should be worshipping him like a god. How many pulitzers has this sorry joker won? Maybe they should give him the pulitzer for being a dork-- they could even deliver it fiber-optically.