Wednesday, April 27, 2005

schwarz, ellsberg,nixon...and my hitch-hiker's guide preview

from "The Main Problem With Richard Nixon? He Wasn't Anti-Semitic Enough", Jonathan Schwarz notes that Daniel Ellsberg has a website which features transcripts from the sections of the Nixon tapes that refer to him. Schwarz also refers us to this link, to back in the day when SNL was good and they dealt with Nixon's final days in the White House. Dan Ackroyd, of course, played Nixon.

the ads for the hollywoodized "hitch-hiker's guide" make it look like it's going to be crap. (Alice Cooper would've been a natural for Zaphod Beeblebrox, and not just because he looks a little like original actor Mark Wing-Davey-- I mean, if you're going to Americanize it. Still, why do British cultural imports inevitably suck when they get remade by the US entertainment industry? Is it an immutable law of the universe? And apparently they've made Ford Prefect black. I don't object to this per se, but why do American white male characters always get a sage (yet utterly non-theatening) black guy as their guide? So that ass-kissing film students can smarmily point out to the professor that this is a Mark Twain reference? Doesn't that get a little old? How about a Malaysian taxi driver or an angry lesbian as a guide? ) Even though I have no experience to speak of , they should've had me script and maybe direct. I'll bet it would've turned out at least 72,000 times better, especially because I would've had an easy job-- i.e. don't f**k with the original.