Monday, February 21, 2005

Kaus and Kerry

I happen to agree with Jeap Paul("pvt pyle") of Everything is Ruined about the "general dickishness of Mickey Kaus."

via Avedon.

Kaus: Anyone with a good idea for how to tell Kerry "We're just not that into you" would be doing the Democratic Party and the press a service by publicizing it.

Although I agree with the first half of what Kaus says in this sentence. (I couldn't care less about doing the press any favors.)

Mickey Kaus is an exdemocrat just like his former employer TNR is an exliberal rag. He did write a flawed but interesting book years ago, but it amazes me that anyone still thinks he's a democrat, and that he sees fit to pretend that he's one.

Nevertheless, why would we on the left want Kerry to run again? Because he rolled over when the swift boat guys attacked him? No thanks.

Candidates who operate on the naive assumption that just because a right-wing attack is spurious the national media will promptly do their job and say so are delusional, or stuck in 1973.

I want a democrat who makes the right wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat after they attack him because they know what's coming their way.