Saturday, February 19, 2005

truly lazy blogging

1.Arvin Hill, from "the loanership society"(see also zencomix):
As we all know, Bush says "ownership society" because he can't pronounce oligarchy. Well, that, plus the fact his half-wit constituency has no idea what an oligarchy is. Come to think of it, Bush may not know either...

2.Digby, from "Who Are They Kidding?":
George W. Bush's carefully crafted mystique is built entirely on his manufactured masculinity. In fact, the Republican Party has based its whole image upon the idea that they are the party of macho straight men and the fawning traditonal women who love them. They have spent the last 35 years impugning the manhood of every male Democrat and portraying every Democratic feminist as a manhating bitch --- and winning the national security issue pretty much on the basis of what that implied to their bigoted neanderthal base.

3. Bryan at Why Now puts the much hyped Alan Greenspan in his place:
And we should listen to him because Jimmy Carter appointed Paul Volcker to straighten out the inflation problem in the American economy and Volcker gave Greenspan the 3X5 card that said: you bring inflation down by raising interest rates, and you lower interest rates to the point at which inflation is minimal or if the economy slips into a recession. There was no fine print on the card that said: unless you need to help a Republican.

Greenspan did nothing about the tech stock bubble; he was telling people to get adjustable rate mortgages when mortgage rates were at historic lows; he has no clue as to why no jobs are being created; he has made no stand on the budget and trade deficits; he links Medicare and Social Security to justify talking about a problem.

Mr. Greenspan is a totem, not a wise man. Anyone who talks about increasing the rate of savings for Americans by switching to private accounts while knowing that it will increase the deficit should not head a local credit union, much less the Federal Reserve system. As one of my great aunt's used to say, he has outlived his brain.

4. and finally, from a musical-cum-opera that Ayn Clouter has been working on in her spare time:

Act II -
Scene 1 – A salon in Jacquot's house; several months later.
Scottie and Jacquot are now happily living together. Scottie has now been promoted to press secretary himself, and "Geoffrey Garçon" is tossing him easy questions based on GOP talking points. One day when Scottie leaves for work...

(Sample stanza:)

Saddam had bombs
We found not one
And nerve gas too
No, there was none
Ah oui! I remember it well.