Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Subjective Universe

I have been thinking a lot concerning Jonathan’s point that both republican and democrat voters view Clinton as a liberal and I completely agree that she is anything but a liberal. Sometimes it is helpful to take a wider view to get some perspective on things. There is one common binding factor that groups most republicans and democrats together. That factor is, as I have stated many times, is the assumption of American supremacy, something that transcends party lines, and is completely bipartisan in nature. These assumptions include: America is the best place to live, stands for good because it is perceived to be a liberal democracy, and that we have the right to extend our influence over the rest of the world based on these assumptions which also is amplified by the often unspoken other assumption that might makes right no matter how often that we see that military endeavors are complete failures as in the Vietnam, Korean and now the Iraq War. So what strikes me is that the terms liberal and conservative are completely subjective terms and people who identify themselves as such do so using their own opinion on what these highly subjective terms mean to them.

Recently I have had to reassess my own highly subjective views on what a liberal is. This has led me to consider anyone who supports the assumption of American superiority and our right to pursue imperial expansionism in what ever form it takes, usually expressed in committing violent acts against other nations, as conservative no matter how these people view themselves. However I doubt that a majority of Americans would take my view on this seriously based on what I have already said concerning gross assumptions on the nature of American imperialism.

Another way to view the conundrum of a conservative Hillary Clinton that is perceived as a liberal is the general ignorance of the majority of Americans on the actual state of the democrat leadership. We need to understand that the majority of people get their news from broadcast news and newspapers though the latter is in decline. It could be argued that the worst possible source for news is broadcast news most especially local broadcast news. People who read or write blogs may be under the assumption that since they read or participate in blogging that everyone else is doing the same. And while blogs are probably becoming more popular do the majority of political blogs offer us a different view on the state of politics? I would say the vast majority of them do not. Indeed I believe that they only add to the general misconception that America has the natural and God given right to impose their will upon the rest of the world. I might even say without hesitation that the majority of so-called liberal blogs do nothing but facilitate the democratic leadership without ever questioning their perceptions of the reality of the democrat party.

Taking another look at the role played by the news media we should consider the recent veto of the legislation passed by the democrat majority in congress. Yesterday I read several articles reporting on the veto. And NONE of these articles ever broached the topic that the legislation did nothing what-so-ever to end the American occupation of Iraq rather they focused on a completely bogus issue that the democrats purposefully timed the signing of the legislation to coincide with anniversary of President Bush’s mission accomplished fiasco on the Lincoln. What do you as a reader of the news consider to be the most important factor? The timing of the signing or the fact that though the bill is touted by the democrats as a strategy to force the issue of troop withdrawal when it actually facilitates president Bush’s ability to continue with the war. With this kind of reporting coupled with the assumption that America has the right to impose its will perhaps it becomes more understandable how Clinton, though a true conservative, is viewed as a liberal.

The fact is that all of the democrat front runners including Obama, Clinton AND Edwards not only fully support American Imperialism but believe in it as a matter of course and is something that is never to be questioned or analyzed in a logical manner. Kerry and Al Gore are no better. On domestic issues the democrats may be somewhat of an improvement over the republican party yet I am adamant in my conviction that the pursuit of imperial designs and specifically the Iraq War is doing more damage to domestic issues than any other single factor I can think of. How can America possibly move forward with any kind of progressive program when the vast majority of spending is consumed by this war?

And none of what I have said, if you agree or disagree, even approaches the moral issues of mass murder and the outright thievery that is occurring this very second in the Middle East.