Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

As Iraq continues to burn while bodies pile up like so many cords of firewood Americans enjoy their quiet and uninterrupted lives going to work, spending their money buying mostly useless products foisted upon them by eager advertising agencies contemplating if they should spend their summer vacations with a trip to Disneyland or perhaps a camping trip to Yosemite where they can sit around campfires under the quiet stars of the great Sierra Madre mountains. Or perhaps enjoying a quick drive to the nearest MacDonald’s where their grossly rotund children fatten up stuffing their fat little cheeks with greasy and salt laden freedom fries and burgers. Then home again to catch the latest brain dead TV show or view an organized sports event, something they know more about than what is going on in the wide world around them.

If they are violent, ignorant, fat and stupid perhaps we cannot lay all the blame for this at their feet. In a way they are also victims just like the living, the dead, or the dying people of Iraq are victims though in a much different sense. They are victims of a purposeful and calculated effort by corporate America, phony two faced politicians and the ridiculous, lazy and useless national news papers, who continue to lie, leave out important facts or place said facts in unobtrusive places where they rarely if ever are read. I won’t even mention broadcast news as it is so inane and biased that one can hardly call it anything but a rather sordid and sick entertainment useful for only a moment’s distraction from the trivialities of everyday American life.

As national leaders on both sides of the isle continue to obscure the facts with their robotic obedience to American supremacy while having their palms greased in a spectacular manner they are protected by news giants such as the New York Times and the Washington Post who act as shields to our national leaders vile pastimes. The end result is a nation living in a haze and fog that obscures reality and fills the minds and hearts of Americans with unreasoning hate reducing them to drooling blood encrusted fools whose hate for anything that is not of America knows no bounds.

The last few days have seen the democrats touted as fighting the good fight against the evil George Bush II mouthing their loyalties to the people who put them in office, braying about stopping the war with their latest legislation that supposedly challenges the Bush war machine as it rolls over the dead bodies of the children, women and men of Iraq.

Fortunately for those who are interested in the true nature of this bold and aggressive legislature proposed by our less than shining democrat leadership Arthur Silber has returned from his absence with a definitive post on this bill from the democrat majority. I have greatly missed Arthur Silber during his absence and his post “Theatre of Death” is a masterful, well written and definitive piece of work exposing the grand fraud perpetrated by our democrat leaders. You do not have to believe me, just go read Arthur’s post and decide for yourselves.

Read it here.