Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hide the Weenie

Today as the Iraq War slogs on to what ever fate awaits it the Democrats are playing a game of hide the weenie. They are the weenies and they are hiding behind slogans such as support the troops. They claim they cannot bring the troops home because well, I am not sure because it makes no sense to me at all. Logic would seem to say that the best way to support the troops would be to bring them home from Iraq, period. And just what purpose are we serving by extending our unwelcome stay in Iraq? There have been so many reasons given by the Bush administration that it is hard to keep track of them all. We began with the usual fear mongering in the form of WMD and the Condi mushroom cloud, from there we went to Saddam was a bad bugaboo then I think it was the war on terror and then it became building a democracy. Well I am sure there are others but to what purpose? It would seem that the only reason for our occupation of Iraq is that we are doing it to support the troops which somehow, some way, does not pass any kind of litmus test for reasonable thought. If it all boils down to we cannot leave Iraq because that would not support the troops then I ask you is this sane and canny?

Of course hide the weenie has another more pornographic meaning so let us consider how the democrats are fucking us.

Dennis Kucinich has this to say about that:

"’The information that Senator Clinton said she was lacking was available to anyone who wanted to see it," said Kucinich who ran 7 points ahead of Clinton in the Moveon poll released last week. "Now that she and all the others who voted incorrectly know what they didn't know then, they are still voting the wrong way," Kucinich stated, referring to votes on war funding.

Kucinich also talked about Senator Obama's presidential campaign, where Senator Obama claims to have opposed the war from the start and implies that if he had been in the Senate at the time he would have voted against it. "Senator Obama has a 100 percent record of voting for funding the war in Iraq, as does Senator Clinton," Kucinich said.’”

“Last month, in under a week, the Democrats appropriated $97 billion in supplemental funds for the war and approved the 2008 Bush budget, which not only budgeted $145 billion for the war in 2008, but allocated an additional $50 billion for 2009.

"So much for Democratic timelines," Kucinich observed. "This war needs to end now and Democrats should stop funding it now. The money's in the pipeline now to bring the troops home, and I've written legislation, HR 1234, to begin a process to stabilize Iraq as the U.S. troops leave.’"

Two items jump out for me at any rate and those are one, there is money in the pipeline now for bringing the troops home, and two, the additional 50 billion for 2009. Now wait just one minute, I thought Hillary Dillary claimed she was going to end the war if she becomes president but somehow we need money for the war in 2009? Perhaps Hillary Dillary and the rest of the dems are being a little less than truthful about their plans to end the Iraq War. Naw, say it ain’t so. Then there is that little eensie teensie item concerning the money in the pipeline because the dems have been claiming they cannot cut the funding for the Iraq War because that would not be supporting the troops as if they cut the funding the implication is that the troops would be stuck in Iraq which is patently ridiculous. No one believes that and if they do I pity them for they must be living on a different plane of existence than the one I have been familiar with. Let us face the sad and sick truth which is both Bush and his administration and the majority of democrats are using the troops for political gain positioning themselves for the upcoming election. Do you see anything wrong here? The dems are simply playing hide the weenie and they are the weenies.