Monday, April 09, 2007

Cursor fundraiser, and The Sideshow

First things first, let me note that Cursor is presently having a fund raiser, and unlike virtually all blogs, I believe helping them out is tax-deductible, even if a 2007 contribution now won't go towards the 2006 return you're presently working on. (I just automatically assume that the few regular and irregular HZ readers out there are slothful and occasionally procrastinate, because of my own capacity in those areas!)Nevertheless, helping Cursor is an intrinsically valuable thing to do, and if you can you should.

I started blogging, way back in 2002, in large part because I chanced upon Cursor and The Sideshow, some time in late 2001 or early 2002, and for me their sites were a revalation.

I hadn't even heard of blogs or blogging or the blogosphere until Andrew Sullivan, of all people, discussed them(and his blog, Andrew in The New Republic at around this time, and so I took his url from the pages of TNR and went to look at what he was talking about. From there I found his blogroll(I don't know if they were even called that at the time), which actually featured Cursor and Avedon Carol's Sideshow at the time. Whether you want to attribute this to the fact that the blogosphere was much, much smaller at the time or Sullivan's sense of fair play is your call. Maybe it was a bit of both these things.

Anyway: I don't have terribly much time for an in-depth post at this point as I'm working on other things. However, I have been wanting to post about Cursor and Avedon Carol(above, right) of The Sideshow for quite some time, and so I may make this a two-part deal. More later.

a post script: referencing the comment by Hibiscus in the previous post, I found Zakaria's interview with Nir Rosen, or at least part of it, here. (It's a roughly seven and a half minute clip, and each time I played it, it looked like it was cut in the middle of Rosen speaking at the beginning of the clip, as if it's the last 7:36 of a longer interview.)

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