Friday, March 30, 2007

Dangerous Waters

Larry Johnson posted this memorandum over at No Quarter which outlines the inherent dangers posed by the capture of the fifteen British Marines.

There is real danger that this incident, and the way it plays out, may turn out to be outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s last gesture of fealty to President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and “neo-conservative” advisers who, this time, are looking for a casus belli to “justify” air and missile strikes on Iran. Bush and Cheney no doubt find encouragement in the fact that the Democrats last week refused to include in the current House bill on Iraq war funding proposed language forbidding the White House from launching war on Iran without explicit congressional approval.

If the Senate omits similar language today, or if the prohibition disappears in conference, chances increase for a “pre-emptive” U.S. and/or Israeli strike on Iran and a major war that will make the one in Iraq seem like a minor skirmish. The impression, cultivated by the White House and our domesticated media, that Saudi Arabia and other Sunni-majority states might favor a military strike on Iran is a myth. But the implications go far beyond the Middle East. With the Russians and Chinese, the U.S. has long since forfeited the ability, exploited with considerable agility in the 1970s and 1980s, to play one off against the other. In fact, U.S. policies have helped drive the two giants together. They know well that it’s about oil and strategic positioning and will not stand idly by if Washington strikes Iran.

I hope you all go to the link and read the whole memorandum. The pure insanity of Dick Cheney who was touted as a genius – despite that his intellect is mediocre at best -- during the first election of Bush II has led us down the path to a conflagration that may well end up consuming us all in its flames of destruction. Please note the reference to China and Russia in the above quoted segment of the memorandum.

Part of the blame, as is pointed out, surely lies with the spineless and dishonest machinations of the democrat congress who have mouthed their opposition to the war in Iraq only to fully fund our misadventures in Iraq allowing Bush to pursue the war to its bitter end, just how bitter only time will tell. How the democrats have played politics while shirking their duty in a game of cover your ass is described in great detail in this post by Arthur Silber I highly recommend you read the whole thing if anyone out there still believes the democrats are out to stop the war in Iraq.

This is no conspiracy rather it is an unfortunate and deadly chain of events fueled by the long history of imperialism as practiced by the United States government brought to a head by Dick Cheney as he maneuvers in the dark behind the scenes in a dark world of his own design, aided and abetted by a rather stupid and foolish news media, compounded by the rise of the religious right and their unholy influence on American foreign policy, and fanned by the right wing and hysterical faction of the Israeli government whose paranoia have left them with little wit and unable to even consider getting along with their Arab neighbors.

We are now swimming in dangerous waters, the sharks are circling ever closer and the ensuing nuclear holocaust may well not leave any future historians alive to ponder how the end of civilization as we know it came about. Indeed the violence now occurring in Iraq may be just the opening sentence in a book that will never be written.