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this sign appeared for several hours in NYC on November 11, 2004. I don't know if they ever found out who keyed in the prank-- whether it was done by an employee or a hack. If the powers that be decided that since it was a one-time occurence it wasn't worth looking into that would actually be kind of refreshing. I imagine it is not accurate at any rate.

Normally I don't post entire AP stories verbatim, and I don't intend to make a habit of it. But this is pretty short and unless you have a some kind of psychological hangup about terseness, I don't see how you could parse it further:

Defiant mouse steals dentures:
(also here and here)

March 24, 2007

WATERVILLE, Maine --Never underestimate a mouse's determination.
There's a mouse in Bill Exner's house that he says he has captured three times. Each time, the mouse escaped, and the last time the rodent made off with his lower dentures.

Exner, 68, said he and his wife Shirley scoured his bedroom after the dentures disappeared from his night stand.

"We moved the bed, moved the dressers and the night stand and tore the closet apart," he said. "I said, 'I knew that little stinker stole my teeth' -- I just knew it."

They found a small opening in a wall where they suspected the mouse was coming and going, and their daughter's fiance, Eric Holt, stepped in to help. "He brought a crowbar and hammer and he sawed off a section of wood and pulled up the molding and everything," Exner said. "It was quite a job." They retrieved the dentures, and Holt suggested his future father-in-law boil them in peroxide and whatever else he could find for to disinfect it.

The mouse apparently isn't done. It frequently comes out and stares at Exner, his wife said.

"He's taunting him -- I swear he's taunting him," Shirley Exner said.

image of mousey the mouse
photo:,Susan M. Keenan

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