Friday, April 27, 2007

Right of Passage

Some of These People Frighten Me!

Says Mike Gravel.

Via a comment left by Bernard Chazelle over at A Tiny Revolution -- one of the better and most honest of blogs by the way -- I heard about a short clip of the democrat presidential debate highlighting Mike Gravel a former democrat Senator from Alaska.

You really should check this out.

Mike Gravel really lays it on the line concerning the top tier candidates and their tough talk of not taking anything off the table when it comes to Iran. I have to take my hat off to Gravel as he actually gives an impassioned and straight answer to a snide question and in doing so exposes the front runners for what they truly are, war monger monsters who would stop at nothing to climb the ladder of power by proving they can be more ruthless and more immune to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people than any other candidate. Hey, what ever it takes baby, we’ll nuke them brown bastards unless they tow the line, nobody can question America’s right to rule the world! Hail Hitler! Take a gander at Hillary and Obama as Gravel smacks them in the head with the truth, they think it’s funny, just a big joke, nuking those Iranians is no big deal. And of course to Hillary and Obama, out to prove how tough they are, willing to lie and kill as they claw their way up the food chain the death and destruction that they see as their right of passage is all part of accepted normal every day business. God, they make me sick to my stomach.